There are two fabulous books so far. One is full of rants and one is full of cartoons.


VruVru’s Radical Rants is published by Woodland Cottage Productions and is available on Amazon.

VruVru’s Cartoons is not published yet at all. But you can still buy it for a tenner if you email VruVru.

More about VruVru’s Radical Rants – non-expert advice about dating, personal safety, childrearing and other tricky but important things:


VruVru’s Radical Rants


Chapters of the book:

*  Carni plus – Does it have to be strictly meat or vegetarian? Or is there another way to be ethical?

*  Helmets for drivers and pedestrians! – Cyclists don’t always have it easy

*  Dating without computers – Why use computers when it’s much better without?

*  Put honesty above other things – Honesty is underrated

*  Pacifism isn’t a vague notion – It ain’t for me! Weapons are bad, even in this age of terrorism!

*  Small screens ruin conversations – A no brainer for technophobes, but it’s more about the moderation

*  Childrearing means persistence and honesty – Well, why do adults always think it’s alright to lie to kids?

*  Giving organs away is the easiest way to do good things – Please find the link below and register for organ donation

*  After Brexit and before Independence – We must get out of there! Who knows what they’ll be up to next?!

*  Q & A with VruVru – I’ve seen more interesting interviews but whatever…


I even got a journalist raving about my book. Okay, she’s a friend, but what’s the harm? Where else am I gonna get reviews?

‘Vruvru claims she likes to choose locations where listeners can’t escape her rants – like slow-moving supermarket queues. In fact her comical and comforting pamphlet is just what you need when you’re stuck in one of them, and in need of a chuckle. Pull her out your back pocket – not your smartphone, which, in any case you’ll have dispensed with on reading her. I laughed, I smiled, I felt strangely better about this baffling world of Brexit, referendums, social media, ethical dilemmas and parenting issues. Rant on, Vruvru.’ – Vicky Allan (Sunday Herald journalist)


Save little elephant babies:

Register for organ donation at NHS Organ Donation

Okay, so you might not save elephant babies directly, but it sounds so cute, and saving humans ain’t so bad either, so I think it was good to fill your head with elephant baby images, with their cute little beady eyes pleading for their little lives, as long as it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm and in the mood to sign up for something really good : )

Buy VruVru’s Radical Rants now

There’s another ‘Buy-the-book button here. This is in case you got totally lost and don’t even know what site you’re on, but feel in the mood to get a parcel in the post next week. It’s like Christmas, you’re getting a little present, and it didn’t even cost much really.

And you are supporting a good cause: a cartoonist who needs money for wine.