The fragile state

Today is the day Brexit negotiations are officially meant to begin. We have a situation where probably not a single person in the country thinks that the silly person at the top (translate Prime Minister) is doing anything in the interest of the country. Oh, wait, there is one person: it’s the Prime Minister herself. She believes that she can still fix it, even if it’s really broken. She reminds me of a patient with Alzheimer’s. Every day she forgets the disastrous thing that happened yesterday. Every single minute she ignores the fact that bad decisions were made, that a big rethink is necessary and no hasty decisions should be made.

The Prime Minister should resign. The DUP should get out of any affairs which are not Northern Irish but affect the whole country. Their attitude is backwards and certainly not helpful. We have the worst political situation I can think of and no-one is managing to do anything about it.

My father phoned me from Germany and asked me about Brexit the other day. He said, don’t they know they can start a war? Don’t they know that they are risking European peace which has been fought for over so many decades? Wars always start somewhere in peace times when people get away with things they shouldn’t. You can trace them back to leaders who suddenly take liberties and to politicians who take risks in their foreign affairs, alienating people around them.

My father is 89. He was a little pawn in that big war that seems so long ago. He has also seen many other peaceful countries fall apart and destroyed by wars. He urged me that Britain should rethink the steps it is taking to leave an entirely peaceful organisation which is trying to guarantee a peaceful Europe. I couldn’t have agreed more with him.

I just want to cry. Mrs May, please resign before you and your questionable friends ruin more of our beautiful, cultural and diverse country.

19 June 2017