The British Government is Bonkers

Well, today I look at the papers and they say: Eilmeldung! It’s German papers online if you must know. So, breaking news: Prime minister is calling snap election. So, this is terrific news for me, as it seems to me that the prime minister is trying to get rid of herself. But I might have misunderstood something.

In any case, I would like the British Government to reassemble in June, after an actual vote by the people, and become a sensible government body which represents this country in a way I can faintly agree with.

And good luck to that. So far it always went wrong, but with all the tricky questions and no answers to solve them this might be the chance. Which tricky questions are those?

Number Eins: A prime minister attempting a hard Brexit no-one wants and which can’t be legally solved.

Number Zwei: An island that’s become a possible cause for a very unwanted war.
(Hot tip: it starts with a G. No, not Great Britain. Go and sit in the corner as you haven’t paid attention! Or have you?)

Number Drei: A country within a country that wants to break away from it’s mothership during an unstable time in which the mothership is hurtling through space uncontrolled.

Yes, many many reasons that the prime minister did what she did today and said: ‘Can someone get me out of here?’

I’ll get her out of there. Let me run the country. I couldn’t possibly do it more harm than she has already done. Promise ; )

18 April 2017