My horror date with the 29th of March 2019

A venue in Germany asked me if I would like to exhibit my photography. I said yes! And then I started thinking what to do. In this day and age of Brexit uncertainty I felt the best idea was to ask some people about their fears and anger regarding this issue. I wanted some voices who might otherwise not get heard, and I was specific about it being an emotional quest rather than a rational or practical one. So I took portraits of people expressing their emotions on this subject, and interviewed them about their feelings.

I have myself been struggling with this date – the 29th of March – ever since it became clear as the exit date. I became scared of it and seemed to adjust my life around it: a before and after so to say – heaven and hell. The time before the 29th is best described as butterflies in a sunny meadow; for the time after just imagine the burning gates of eternal hell.

So I asked some British and European citizens living in Scotland about emotions connected to the 29th of March. My questions were about Brexit and the current Prime Minister, and about their feelings of insecurity, anxiety and fury.

The full story is below for your brexertainment.

Many thanks for listening,
yours eternally-grateful-that-she-was-ever-allowed-into-the-country-even-if-she-may-have-to-go-now,

ps: Another way of imaging the time after Brexit is by wading through a muddy swamp in the big halls of Westminster (make horror shriek), forever getting stuck and never getting an inch further. Of course, Cameron and May are laughing and pointing from the side lines.