Election Stuff

The worst thing about this upcoming election is the following innocent emotion: hope.

If only I could think that Mrs May gets shown the door. And that Labour gets a chance to travel less of an ignorant journey. And that even Brexit could still be stopped. Later one day kids could laugh about it. They could shake their heads when the teacher in school brings up that once upon a time Great Britain (which I call Big Britain now as it lacks so much in greatness) had this idea to leave the EU. And that it nearly happened. But that all lived happily ever after when this disasterous idea was averted.

And berry pickers from Bulgaria and Romania were allowed to stay and pick berries and the care homes didn’t get a huge crisis because no Brit was prepared to wipe bums on a daily basis for hardly any money.

Yes, it will be a happy story. But I think it’s a fairytale.

Just so we don’t get too depressed here I have a challenge for you now. I personally think that Mr Trump (middle name worldwide trouble) gets far too much attention by everyone. We all know he is a rich bully who behaves like a 3-year old. So my challenge is that you now make sure you don’t think of Trump. Do this with immediate effect. Yes, come on, no Trump in your mind. You can do it. Just think of anything but Trump!

There you go: utter bliss…

2 June 2017