Dear Government

Me and my 5 million buddies have signed this petition as we do not believe it was ever the will of the people to leave the European Union.

Now you send me a letter about democracy!

You have undermined democracy for me on so many levels, I can’t believe you dare to utter the sacred word four times.

You say you want to honour democracy? Why not start by reholding a fraudulent referendum? What? You didn’t realise it wasn’t legal? Can I remind you of a few other things, too?

You are not valuing human rights by cutting all benefits and grants, including those for people with disabilities. Years ago, when you started checking if people were still blind after having been blind for decades, I lost a lot of trust in your ‘democracy’.

You are not valuing human rights when you claim you have a problem with immigrants. You have less people migrating to the UK than any other European country. Having realised you didn’t have a real problem you created it. You managed to ruin many lives by deporting or trying to deport people living rightfully in the UK.

And let’s just be honest now, you shit on the EU citizens living in this country. You couldn’t care less.

The anxiety we had to live with is not a problem for you, because, you know, money is money.  (What I mean is, you live by your own values, and these are not the same as many people’s values who just try and get by)

A callous government runs this fragile country. Homeless people sleep outside my door, there are more every day. The food banks are full of people who are in work. If you are in work you should not depend on hand outs. Oh, wait, wages are too low.

Rich, arrogant people run their economy down for their own gains, and propagandise a whole load of immigrants who don’t even exist.

Please, please, don’t you talk to me about democracy again.

Wishing you a change of mind about everything, all the best, VruVru


Dear VruVru

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU.”.

Government responded:

This Government will not revoke Article 50. We will honour the result of the 2016 referendum and work with Parliament to deliver a deal that ensures we leave the European Union. It remains the Government’s firm policy not to revoke Article 50. We will honour the outcome of the 2016 referendum and work to deliver an exit which benefits everyone, whether they voted to Leave or to Remain. Revoking Article 50, and thereby remaining in the European Union, would undermine both our democracy and the trust that millions of voters have placed in Government. The Government acknowledges the considerable number of people who have signed this petition. However, close to three quarters of the electorate took part in the 2016 referendum, trusting that the result would be respected. This Government wrote to every household prior to the referendum, promising that the outcome of the referendum would be implemented.

17.4 million people then voted to leave the European Union, providing the biggest democratic mandate for any course of action ever directed at UK Government. British people cast their votes once again in the 2017 General Election where over 80% of those who voted, voted for parties, including the Opposition, who committed in their manifestos to upholding the result of the referendum. This Government stands by this commitment. Revoking Article 50 would break the promises made by Government to the British people, disrespect the clear instruction from a democratic vote, and in turn, reduce confidence in our democracy. As the Prime Minister has said, failing to deliver Brexit would cause “potentially irreparable damage to public trust”, and it is imperative that people can trust their Government to respect their votes and deliver the best outcome for them.

Department for Exiting the European Union.

27 March 2019