About voting fatigue

So, there’s much talk about people being fed up with that basic democratic thing: voting. In fact, all major papers and broadcasting stations claim as a fact that people are fed up with elections and referenda.

So, are people really fed up with voting? It is all very simple. The people who liked the last voting result are seriously fed up with voting. I mean, who wouldn’t be if they just got what they wanted? They want to stick with their (awful) achievements and certainly don’t want to risk a different outcome with another vote. But the people who felt so awfully deceived and wronged in the last vote feel very different about this. They want to at least have the chance to change things.

Whether it’s Brexit or Scottish independence a lot of us want to say: yes, let’s vote again. Of course the outcome might go wrong again as people are still being lied to and facts are being manipulated. For example, look what this clever little German found out: Theresa May actually includes foreign students in her immigration figures. Foreign students! I want to punch her. Not really, just with words, until she gives up her lies and schemes and this government job. She could be a housewife, couldn’t she? Baking pies and cakes? I wouldn’t mind her doing that at all, as long as she stayed away from politics from now on. You say, but can we be sure that the next person would be better suited to the job? Yes, we can : )

Anyways, the only fatigue I can detect amongst my fellow people is being so very tired of the lies and manipulations practised by current political bodies and the media industry.

Yawn. Why not use the truth a little more, Mrs May?

23 May 2017