So I survived being brexited by the British government

But surviving doesn’t mean not suffering. I am suffering from the delusions of the people in power who think they can just smash a good country to pieces. And I am allowed to moan and complain about it because I am Hellseher. Yes, a clairvoyant who can see the future. I see dimmed lights. I see a country sliding down the poverty scale. And I see very clearly a lot of regret in people who just now think this is a good idea. But a country is not something to play with like a toy, ‘I can break it and then fix it again’. No, playground bullies should have been kept out in the first place. Who let them in? Us, the voters? I don’t think so. No single vote was put in a ballot for this (insert the worst damn swear word you know) woman. You know the one I mean, she who sits at the top and irritates me.

So we didn’t vote for the people who are making the biggest and most insane decisions about our country!
I’m gonna cry again.

30 March 2017