After Brexit and before Independence

Yay, we are going to be independent, hurray! Oh wait, we’re going independent from the EU. We’re actually leaving the wrong thing. Oh no. That wasn’t what we meant with independence! So now we have to get independent  so we’re not independent anymore?

What on earth has happened here?

So, first things first. Why didn’t we go independent in the first place? So what I mean here is leaving the UK and becoming an independently run little country called Scotland. Did we not want to get Trident out? What’s up with nuclear weapons being stored neatly far, far away from Westminster, right next to Glasgow? And we could see that coming from miles away, the whole EU-hatred and longing-to-leave thing. So we knew the safest option to stay in the EU was to become independent from those who deemed themselves better off without that cushy blanket which provides support and incredible trading advantages to this little island. The Scottish didn’t want to be isolated, they want to be progressive, modern, keen to work with their neighbours and let people roam freely without the trouble of work visas and such.

No, the rant about the last Scottish election isn’t over, because I haven’t even mentioned those monkeys in Westminster yet. The fact is, they came up here and lied. They made this big case of how all would go wrong with Scotland if it tried to be independent. And then they watched Scotland vote and sighed with relief when the vote turned out people had believed their lies. And what did those same monkeys do right after? Try to remove a big safety net of support, a shield from poverty, and kick themselves out of the EU! I mean, other countries queue to get into the EU and what does Britain do? It’s like a school playground bully throwing temper tantrums. And getting away with it! Someone needs to put this kid to bed without dinner and give it a long speech about how you treat others around you.

I cried when Brexit was voted for. I cried because Scotland and Northern Ireland are getting dragged out of a European community against their own will. From modern times of inclusion and anti-racism back to the dark ages of the wrong kind of nationalism. And all that with one little vote.

Foreigners will have to apply for citizenship or leave. Citizenship tests are an insult to human dignity. ‘Which two British film actors have recently won Oscars?’ Who gives a shit? And the whole process costs £2,000, which not everyone can afford.

I’d fail the test anyway. There’s a question in it that goes: ‘There is no place in British society for extremism or intolerance. True or false?’ Well, false, obviously. There is so much place in this country for intolerance that little Europeans will have to go and live elsewhere.

And on top of this you have to swear allegiance to the Queen! Swear an oath to a monarchy which stands for hundreds of years of colonialism! Get your head round this. I would have to swear that I will be a good ‘subject’ to a person who still believes her ancestors did no wrong when they went all over the world suppressing indigenous peoples. Enslaving other countries and stealing their resources was seemingly an okay thing to do.

It’s an oath sworn ‘by an Almighty God’. Now I don’t believe in that higher power in the heavens. I also don’t believe that humans should sit on thrones with tiaras in their fluffy hair. The monarchy has no right to exist. Pompous show-offs with far too much power.  An out-dated system that’s way past its sell-by date.

What about people being equal? So I go to the queen right now and tell her that I’m equal and then I sit myself down on her thrown. She would shove me right off it, wouldn’t she?

I wept on the morning of the Brexit vote because those same ‘foreigners’, some of which have lived in this country for decades, paid their taxes and did their bit for the community, will now be looked upon as less worthy by those who believe Westminster’s lies. Poles get beaten up, Muslims killed, hatred crops up everywhere. Yeah, wait, stop, Muslims shouldn’t be in there, should they? Most of them are British citizens, right? They’ve been here for several generations and now get the treatment of hate reserved for foreigners. That’s not logical! I can’t get my head around this at all.

What, because some radicalised Muslims have committed terrorist acts somewhere in Europe recently? Are you sure that all Muslims are terrorists? Because I actually think that no Muslims are terrorists. Not a single one. Those who call themselves Muslim and then kill innocent people are liars. They use the religion for their misguided cause. If they were Muslims they couldn’t act this way as, like most religions, Islam preaches to be peaceful and respectful to others.

Wow, I managed to get terrorism into my Brexit rant. Great, that won’t need another headlined paragraph then, and I don’t really like thinking about it. This is of course what the terrorists want: that the whole world thinks about them and gets scared. Although the likelihood of being in a terrorist attack is actually smaller than winning the lottery jackpot, and when did that happen to you last? You still play anyway? Go on, stop playing the lottery and give the money to a homeless guy instead. You don’t need a bigger house, and he really needs some food in his belly.

Well, let’s get back to the subject at hand. We want independence from bad politicians who make selfish and misguided decisions. So, to summarise my rant, here are my three reasons for an independent Scotland:

1) The EU
2) Trident
3) Everything else Westminster fucks up


This is an excerpt from VruVru’s Radical Rants, available at Amazon: VruVru’s Radical Rants